About Us

Taskwheel was created out of necessity, the need to be more effective and efficient in the way we did things here at Think Quality Ltd. We used old school methods, paper and pens to draw out process, and after our development meetings all we had to show for our efforts were lots of pieces of paper and a lot of work to do back at the office to turn those bits of paper into something tangible.

We needed something simple to use, so we had it built. You can learn Taskwheel the basics in 2 minutes, and that really worked for us. You can brainstorm ideas, create processes, list tasks, move tasks around, you can focus on the goal in mind. More importantly at the end of the meeting the work was done, all the processes where mapped, our customers could have a copy there and then. We never thought that this software would be anything more than an internal tool to make us more efficient and effective.

After using the software with clients it soon became apparent that they wanted to use it themselves and who are we deprive them and you of such a wonderful tool.

That’s why we decided to launch Taskwheel to the marketplace. We hope it works as well for you as it does for us.

Steve Ball
Managing Director