How It Works

Why should I use a software tool to map what I want to achieve?
I can just write my goals on a piece of paper.

Yes, you can, but think about this: if you have a 30-page report to write for work, would you just write it on a piece of paper, or would you rather use word processing software like Word or Pages? The main reason why most people go for word processing applications is because of speed and flexibility. You may be able to write faster in your own handwriting, but when it comes to re-organising text or removing and adding paragraphs, you can’t beat the convenience of a software tool.

Setting your top five goals for the next year seems very simple, and you can easily list them on a single piece of paper. But describing the whole goal setting plan, including hundreds of steps and tasks, is a much more complex process that is easier to tackle using Task Wheel. Task Wheel is goal setting software which can generate automatic task tracking graphs and reports to help you visualise your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come might be just the inspiration you need to keep moving when the going gets tough.

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