Organise Your Tasks

I’ve been lucky to work with lots of people in business, and I recently attended on of Peter Thomson’s events in Manchester. He was telling us about the problem a lot of business owners face, resistance to change is caused through that of Lack of Clarity.

Plan what you need to do, then let the first thing you do each day is to plan your day.
Look at the things you need to do and prioritise – pick the top three things. (use Hyperfocus) then do number 1.

On that course there where a lot of people with iPads, iPhones and computers. I asked the question – “How many ‘To Do List’ apps do you have on your phone, many people had paid for 3 or 4 apps like Things, Omnifocus and others and had never used them.

They could see the importance of organising tasks but the user interface or app was too complicated or demanding of their time. The time taken to add tasks sometimes would take longer than the the time to complete the task itself.

That’s why we’ve have made Taskwheel easy to use. Easy to organise your task and with Hyperfocus mode you can focus on the 3 main things.